Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Colecion.. Fetish my fancy.

Fetish my Fancy incorporates notions of sex, and was initially inspired by Bondage wear, looking at Japanese Bondage. Using ropes to restrict movement, I designed garments which followed the contour lines of the body, I wanted the pieces to be high end fetish garments, made out Latex rubber, PVC, light weight leather, cow skin in particular, also using stretch lace. A collection of cat suits, bodices and leotards.

This Collection is all about high end fetish, using only a black colour palette. There is at first an androgynous feel to the collection, the overcoats are striking with the sexual surprise hidden underneath. I am using fabrics such as taffeta, leather, mohair and PVC. Much emphasis has been placed on the rubber undergarment, with interesting and exotic patterns, they roar with sex appeal in a unique way. The rubber bodices and two pieces with the flashes of silver create excitement within the collection. The overall feel of the collection is powerful, with the dark colour pallet and bold fabric choices, it makes a strong sexual statement.

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